Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meeting of the Minds

At least a minor meeting of the Wahoo minds took place during the weekend of August 21-23 as most of the Project faithful gathered during Paul Crozier's "Sun N Fun" R/C sub summer Fun Run in the Houston area. This annual conclave of members of the SubCommittee's SubRon 5 local chapter afforded its participants a chance not only to get reacquainted among themselves, but also to talk Wahoo and related plans, of course. On hand were Paul, Matt, TomK and JeffP, but much missed were Jeff LaRue and Tom Anderson -- whose names were brought up but definitely not taken in vain. Indeed, little progress has been made on the project of late, it must be reported, but this is not for lack of interest on the part of all parties, present and not. Big plans remain in the wind -- despite life having gotten somewhat in the way -- and it was great fun firing up one another's enthusiasm for The Project again. As always, watch this space for further developments, Wahoo devotees.

Above, SubRon 5 crew gathers in the Houston heat.
Below, Paul and Matt wax Wahoo poetic.
Jeff Porteous

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